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About Whistler Fairy Factory

     Hi! My name is Emily Sargent and I am the creator and owner of Whistler Fairy Factory. Whistler Fairy Factory began in the fall of 2011. It all began when my best friend Gigi wanted a tutu for her 10th birthday. I went around my house looking for supplies to try and make a tutu for her. I looked up online how to make a tutu and found that the best way was tying tulle onto the elastic. After about 1 and 1/2 hours of cutting and tying tulle I had finally made a tutu. When I gave it to my friend Gigi for her birthday she was ecstatic! After that all of my friends and their siblings wanted one. Gigi and I then decided to make and sell our tutus at the annual Christmas kids craft fair, The Bratz Biz. Our booth at The Bratz Biz was a big success!

     After our big success at Bratz Biz, I decided to participate in the Whistler Farmers Market during the summer, and I continued to do the Bratz Biz, on my own. I am now moving into my 4th year at the Whistler Farmers Market and the Bratz Biz. I am selling handmade tutus, hair accessories, flower fairy wands and needle felted creatures and kits.

    If you are interested in buying any of my products please contact me by email.

Whistler Fairy Factory Family
Emily Sargent

Emily Sargent is a young entrepreneur; she began Whistler Fairy Factory in 2011. Emily is very artistic, she loves to be creative and will spend hours making things. Emily also loves music, she plays the violin, and the guitar.  

Lisa Sargent

Lisa Sargent is the mother of Emily and Jordyn Sargent. She is the owner of an accounting firm, Lisa Sargent, CPA, CGA. Lisa is very creative, and is full of great ideas. She has lived in Whistler for over 25 years.

Jordyn Sargent

Jordyn Sargent is a fairy helper at the Whistler Fairy Factory. Jordyn loves to ski and snow-board on the local mountains Whistler & Blackcomb in the winter. Jordyn loves to be outside playing with her friends.

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